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Buy contact lenses online "to save money"

Users of contact lenses have been urged to save money by buying them over the internet.

In an article for the Observer, Rebecca Smithers outlined several ways people can pay less for their glasses or Read more


Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

People who wear contact lenses can save money if they buy them over the internet, according to research.

Chiara Cavaglieri reported in the Independent that online retailers of contact lenses offer better deals for... Read more


New, improved products "drive contact lens market"

New and improved products are the driving force in the contact lens industry.

This is the claim made by an anonymous member of the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) Healthcare Councils.

According to the expert, such products "are... Read more


Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

A financial website has found that money can be saved when people buy contact lenses online.

According to lovemoney.com, buying contact lenses offline can mean getting... Read more


Advice given on contact lenses for age-related sight deterioration

People who are suffering from sight deterioration related to ageing have been advised of the options available.

Writing for Canadian publication the Windsor Star, Dr Todd Wilbee explained that monovision contact lenses may be worn, meaning that a person would wear a reading lens in one eye... Read more


Website created for keratoconus sufferers

Patients who suffer from keratoconus or want to know about how it can be treated with contact lenses can now visit a new US website.

SynergEyes, which created a government-approved hybrid Read more


Eye product marketing campaign launched in Florida

A vision correction product from Bausch & Lomb was the subject of a marketing drive in Florida.

Crystalens, a lens implant for cataract sufferers, is targeted at baby boomers and older people.

Bausch & Lomb claims that it flexes like the natural lens of an eye and corrects both... Read more


Global eyewear market set to see "high growth"

The global eyewear market has forecast high growth, according to a new market research report.

Noting North America is the largest market, the study found varifocals are seeing an increase in demand and the transition to disposable Read more


Bausch & Lomb conjunctivitis treatment approved

Bausch & Lomb, a manufacturer of contact lenses and eye health solutions, has had its conjunctivitis treatment recommended for approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The organisation"s dermatologic and ophthalmic... Read more


Disposable contact lenses "driving market growth"

Disposable contact lenses and speciality contact lenses are helping to drive market growth in the eyewear industry, a new... Read more

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