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Wearing contact lenses "a cost-effective option"

People who need vision correction are more likely to find that contact lenses are a cost-effective option compared with laser eye surgery, according to one expert.

Lou Carlozo, writing for the Savings Experiment, said that a study he conducted into the monthly outgoings which people who... Read more


Daily contact lenses "are more sustainable"

Daily Contact lenses are more sustainable option for people concerned about their impact on the environment, one source has noted.

Lucy Siegle, writing for the Guardian, said that contact lens wearers who opt for... Read more


Contact lenses "do not have to cost the earth"

People who wear Contact lenses do not have to pay over the odds for the visual aids, it has been claimed.

Martin Lewis, a money saving expert, told the News of the World that buying online is one way in which people can... Read more


Tips for carefree contact lens wearing

Getting into a routine for the care and wear of contact lenses will become effortless with practice, according to Johnson & Johnson (J&J).

The maker of Read more


Americans spend billions on contact lenses and glasses

Contact lenses and glasses cost the American public billions of dollars a year, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

The comments come in response to the National Eye Institute"s finding that the number of short-sighted Americans has risen by 66 per cent since the... Read more


How to use contact lenses

According to B&L, the maker of PureVision contact lenses, after a few times the routine of wearing and removing contact lenses will become second... Read more


Convenience drives the contact lens market

The contact lens market is being increasingly driven by consumers" wish for convenience, according to a BizAcumen report.

Contact Lenses and Solutions: A Global Market Review revealed that as a result, people are leaning towards... Read more


Buy contact lenses online "to save money"

Users of contact lenses have been urged to save money by buying them over the internet.

In an article for the Observer, Rebecca Smithers outlined several ways people can pay less for their glasses or Read more


Buy contact lenses online "for savings"

People who wear contact lenses can save money if they buy them over the internet, according to research.

Chiara Cavaglieri reported in the Independent that online retailers of contact lenses offer better deals for... Read more


New, improved products "drive contact lens market"

New and improved products are the driving force in the contact lens industry.

This is the claim made by an anonymous member of the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) Healthcare Councils.

According to the expert, such products "are... Read more

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