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ClearKone contact lenses "are effective"

ClearKone contact lenses, which can help to improve the vision of people with a new treatment for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities, have been praised by one expert.

Dr Margaret Ritterbusch, an eye specialist at Outlook EyeCare, said... Read more


Contact lenses "can correct astigmatism"

A lesser-known fact about contact lenses is that they can help to correct eye problems such as astigmatism, one source has pointed out.

Whereas many people believe that only glasses can help to correct astigmatism and other vision complaints,... Read more


Scleral contact lenses "becoming more popular"

The popularity of scleral lenses, which help people with irregularly-shaped corneas, is continuing to increase, one source has pointed out.

According to a post on Live PR, scleral lenses, which are large-diameter, gas-permeable lenses that cover a larger part of the eye, are popular... Read more


Contact lenses "are a great invention"

Contact lenses are a proven means of vision correction which can provide excellent results as long as people follow manufacturer instructions, one source has stated.

Jasmina Bektesvic, writing for HSJ.org, said that since the invention of Read more


Contact lens expert in great demand

A highly-regarded contacted lens fitter has revealed how his services are now in great demand after he began making the products at just seven years old.

Robert Sanger, of Sanger Contact Lens Centre, told Oakville.com that he used to read through... Read more


OCT use "is growing among eye professionals"

There has been significant growth in the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) by ophthalmologists and other eye professionals, according to a new study.

A report carried out by iData Research shows that the use of OCT for the detection of ocular conditions will see the US diagnostic... Read more


Contact lens market "will grow significantly"

The global market for contact lenses is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as use of the products increases, a new study has predicted.

A report issued by iData predicts that, in the US alone, the Read more


Health monitoring contact lenses "on the way"

New contact lenses which monitor people"s health may soon be commonplace, it has been claimed.

According to a recent article in an issue of New Scientist, new types of lenses may be able to change the way in which people go about their daily... Read more


Buying contact lenses online "can save money"

Consumers can help to cut the cost of buying contact lenses by purchasing the items online, one source has suggested.

An article in a national newspapper pointed out that wearers can make big savings by buying their Read more


Acuvue contact lenses "have multiple benefits"

There are multiple benefits to be had from investing in 1 Day Acuvue contact lenses, one source has stated.

In a post on PR Fire, Contact... Read more

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