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Japanese Company Seiko Set To Launch Seiko Prime Lenses in Europe

The optical products company Seiko is very excited to release their Seiko Prime lens portfolio all across Europe. These digital progressive lenses have done extremely well in tests, and the company feels confident letting the general public enjoy the benefits of this brand new... Read more


If You've Suffered From Dry Eyes For Years, Maybe It's Time To Try Xiidra

A brand new prescription strength drug is being released to help those who struggle with dry eye symptoms.

The new drug, which is called Xiidra, is officially classed as an... Read more


CRT contact lenses "the real deal"

A new type of contact lens is helping to revolutionise the eyecare market by providing people with an effective alterative to surgery, one expert has pointed out.

Dr John Jacobi, developmental optometrist and principal owner of Suburban Eye... Read more


Contact lens suitability "depends on the individual"

The most suitable type of contact lens for somebody who requires vision correction depends entirely on the individual, it has been observed.

According to Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, Read more


Bausch & Lomb is testing a new lens called Ultra.

The last significant new contact lens material, silicon hydrogel, was introduced nearly a decade ago in 2008.

Many things have changed since then, which also saw the introduction of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. The iPhone has led to many positive changes but like anything it has its... Read more


Ordering contact lenses online "can save you money"

People are always looking at ways to cut down their everyday outgoings, but many people do not realise how many options are open to them, it has been noted.

According to the Herald Scotland, there are many means of going about saving money, and one of these is by ordering their Read more


Contact lenses "are the future of augmented reality"

While many people believe the future of augmented reality would come with high-tech glasses or a smartphone, scientists are working on contact lenses that could change the way people see the world.

Innovega is developing the iOptik lens that... Read more


"Always consult a professional" before using contact lenses

Contact lenses can help to transform people's lives by providing them with hitherto unknown visual clarity, but they are also medical products and should be treated as such, one expert has pointed out.

Dr Catharine Chisholm, president of the... Read more


BCLA issues contact lens tips

Contact lens wearers have been issued with some tips on how to get the best out of the products, with the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) advising people to be safety-conscious.

The organisation noted that people can help themselves to... Read more

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