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What Are Hazel Contact Lenses

Hazel coloured contact lenses often contain amber, honey and green tones to give a natural warm colour, they can lighten dark brown eyes and change light coloured eyes such as blue, green or grey to a warm shade of light brown. There are many shades of hazel lenses available, check out Pure Hazel,Honey, Hazel, and Dark hazel

Why Choose Hazel Contact Lenses

Hazel eyes only occur naturally in about 5% of the population, and is most commonly found in people with Brazilian, Middle Eastern, North African, or Spanish descent, so they look good on people with warm skin tones and dark hair.
Hazel contact lenses are very popular with people with dark brown eyes who want to lighten them, they really can lighten and define dark coloured eyes.

Types Of Hazel Contact Lenses

Depending on whether you want to lighten or enhance your eye colour, or, whether you want a complete colour change will alter the type of lens to choose
Enhancers - are great for lightening naturally dark eyes or changing the colour of light coloured eyes
Opaques - Are designed to complete change your eye colour

Once you've decided on enhancers or opaques you will need to decide your wearing mode

Daily disposable Hazel lenses are simple to use, they require no cleaning or storing routine, you simply throw them away after one wear. These are the healthiest option for your eyes and a great choice if you only wear coloured lenses occasionally.
Monthly hazel contact lenses will last for 30 consecutive days, but they need to be removed, cleaned and soaked overnight. They can work out the cheaper option if you wear coloured contact lenses regularly.
Hazel contact lenses are also available as 
Special effects - often used to enhance a Halloween or fancy dress costume

Key Points

Great for lightning and defining dark eyes

Works well with warm skin tones

Various tones of Hazel available

Available as Daily or Monthly disposable lenses

Getting The Best Out Of Your Hazel Contact Lenses

Here are our few Do's and Don'ts to help you get the best out of your Hazel coloured contact lenses, and to keep your eyes healthy

  • Do – Take proper care of your lenses. 
  • Do -Wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses.
  • Do -Insert your lenses before applying makeup.
  • Do - Check out more than one color, you may find you get better result with a particular shade of hazel or honey.
  • Don't - Share your coloured lenses with any one. The risk of eye infection increases significantly when lenses are shared between people.
  • Don't - Wear contact lenses if your eyes are sore or irritated. If the irritation doesn't go away after a day or two, consult your eye care practitioner.
  • Don't - Use your contact lenses for a longer period of time than is recommended for the lens. A daily lens should be disposed of every day, a monthly lens every month.
  • Don't - Sleep in your coloured contact lenses

Our Best Selling Hazel Contact Lenses

Freshlook Colorblends are a monthly disposable contact lenses designed to enhance dark eye colours and can change light coloured eyes completely, available in Honey and Pure Hazel

Air Optix colors are a silicone hydrogel enhancer, so ideal for lightening dark eyes and changing the colour of lighter eyes, available in Honey and Pure Hazel

Freshlook 1 Day are a daily disposable contact lens designed to enhance your eye colour, available in 1 shade of Hazel


Are Hazel Contact Lenses The Same As Brown

Yes and no, It could be argued that Hazel could simply come under the brown contact lens umbrella, but that would not do them justice, hazel contact lenses are a more complex colour than just brown, often incorporating tones amber, honey, green, and brown, they are normally a lighter shade, whereas brown are on the darker side. If you have brown eyes and want to lighten them then Hazel contact lenses are a better choice, whereas if you have light coloured eyes and want to turn them brown, you can chooce how brown you want to go.

Which Hair Colour Works Best With Hazel lenses

Hazel works really well with warm hair tones, so try browns and reds and the darker shades of blonde, to bring out the honeyed tones of Hazel lenses

Will Hazel contact lenses Lighten Brown Eyes

Yes. Hazel, amber, and honey coloured contact lenses work well at lightening dark brown eyes.
Not every lens works for every person so don’t give up because the first colour you chose doesn’t work. Check out customer reviews or ask your optometrist for a trial of coloured lenses to help you choose the right shade of hazel for you.


John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
John qualified from Aston University in 1980, he has authored for over the last 20 years, bringing his expertise to visitors to the site and providing valuable optical advice to customer questions throughout the years. He has been featured in several leading publications including The Express and ITProPortal