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Crystal Hydro Daily

30 Lenses per box

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Crystal Hydro Daily
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Product Info

Daily soft contact lenses are the most convenient type of contact lens on the market - wear them once and throw them away. However, there has always been a problem with daily lenses - the cost.
We felt that customers should not have to pay a high price for the convenience of daily lenses, so we searched the market to bring you a great daily soft contact lens at low cost, so in 2011 we introduced our Crystal contact lenses brand which was well received by our customers.

We are confident that you will find Crystal Hydro Daily with advanced material Etafilcon A is a great replacement for your existing daily lenses They are also a low cost daily option for monthly lens wearers - no more storing lenses every night in expensive solutions, simply wear a pair for a day and throw them away. 

The Essentials

Brand: Crystal
Wearing Type: Daily disposable contact lens
Power Range: +4.00 to -8.00
Base Curve(s): 8.5
Diameter(s): 14.2
Lens Material: Material: Etafilcon A 42%
Water Content: 58%
Oxygen Permeability: 24 Dk/t
Handling Tint: Yes - light blue
UVA/UVB Protection: Yes
Quantity per Box: 30 lenses per box
Availability: Yes in stock

Why choose Crystal Hydro Daily Contact Lenses

  • Advanced material Etafilcon A
  • UVA & UVB protection 
  • Handling tint
  • All Day Comfort
  • Particularly good for dry eyes - includes moisturising agent
  • Easy to open packaging, in slimline letterbox friendly packaging.
  • Easy direct replacement for existing daily lenses on the market

All the benefits of the Crystal brand , cheap, affordable, well researched high levels of customer satisfaction but now with silicone hydrogel

Other options

Crystal Hydro Daily contact lenses are a great alternative to 1-Day Acuvue, 1-Day Acuvue Moist, Acuvue,  Acuvue 2, our customers have also successfully swapped to Crystal Hydro from Focus Dailies All Day Comfort and soflens dailies amongst other lenses.

Good to Know

Can I sleep in Crystal Hydro Daily Contact lenses?

Unfortunately you cannot sleep in Crystal Hydro contact lenses as they are a daily disposable contact lens, if you would like to sleep in contact lenses then check out our range of continuous wear contact lenses.

Is Crystal Hydro Contact Lens a Silicone Hydrogel lens?

Crystal Hydro contact lenses contains Etafilcon A and is not a silicone hydrogel contact lens although still very good at preventing dry eyes, we do have a silicone contact lens in our Crystal family, check out Crystal Air if you are looking for an affordable contact lens that has great customer reviews.

Can I wear Crystal Hydro Daily Contact lenses?

Almost certainly the answer is yes. Crystal Hydro Daily contact lens is a well received replacement contact lens with Etafilcon A, a handling tint, UVA and UVB protection and is great at reducing dry eyes, if you are currently wearing daily contact lenses then it is worth giving Crystal Hydro a try and start saving money. Even if you are a monthly contact lens wearer Crystal Hydro is a great option if you want to switch to an affordable daily contact lens or just wear dailies on weekends, participating in sports or on special occasions, with long shelf life a box could literally last for years if you only wear a pair occasionally.

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Rated 4.7/5 based on 173 customer reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

Long lasting 12hrs plus

These are extremely comfortable and are the only lenses where I haven't struggled with dry eyes. I have them in everyday for over 12 hours and sometimes forget they're even in because they are not dry at all.

By from Birmingham on 05.03.2020 20:31

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i currently use biweekly acuvue oasis contacts and i pay high prices for the brand name. i've now switched to CRYSTAL HYDRO DAILY and i could not be more happy for a lower cost than i was paying for biweekys. no more cleaning contacts , maintaining and paying extra for overnight containers. these are as or more comfortable than my old acuvues. i can jump in bed and pull them out right before i turn the lights out.

By from Sunny California on 05.03.2020 22:41

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No compromise on quality

For many years I used Acuvue Dailies which I found comfortable but not always really clear in both eyes. I tried out the Crystal Hydro Dailies after a promotion and I was really pleased with the result. They were comfortable in my eyes after a day or so and now I find they give me better vision than the Acuvues. Much better price too. I’ve been using them now for around 3 years. Really happy. Never had any problems. Plus a great service from!

By from France on 17.03.2020 13:33

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All Customer Reviews

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Very happy

I have been ordering the Crystal Hydro Daily contacts for a few years now and am so happy with them.
I have been wearing contacts for years and these never dry out even when i have had them in for longer than 8 hours.
They are incredibly comfortable! And I will continue to order them.
Thank you!

By from London on 17.03.2020 09:07

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Crystal hydro

Great contact lenses

By from London on 17.03.2020 08:34

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Great Value

I’ve been using these contacts for years now. They are great value for money. I can wear them all day and my eyes feel fine.

By from Kent on 17.03.2020 07:50

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5 star lenses

These lenses are my go-to lenses and have been for many years. They are comfortable and they stay in place unlike some other lenses I’ve tried.

By from Wales, UK on 17.03.2020 07:45

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Product review

I switched to this product as my eyes were becoming a little dry. These lenses have stopped that for me.

By from Glasgow, Uk on 17.03.2020 06:59

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Outstanding Lenses.

Excellent lenses and extremely comfortable. My eyes never dry out as they have with other lenses. I can’t recommend these lenses enough, I wouldn’t buy any other brand. I’ve been wearing lenses for over 20 years and these are the best ever.

By from Co Tyrone Northern Ireland on 16.03.2020 19:03

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As good as the branded products

I have found these lenses to be much more comfortable than their more expensive equivalents they also last all day and i have had no problems to note with them.

By from Reading, UK on 16.03.2020 14:30

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Good lenses. Good value

These lenses are as good as those I paid a subscriptions with specsavers for at a much lower cost.

By from Cornwall, UK on 16.03.2020 11:22

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Surprisingly good!

Easy to put in, comfortable to wear …. and easy to takeout. Great for dry eyes and fantastic vision quality. All this for a great price.

By from London, UK on 16.03.2020 10:55

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Been wearing these contacts for a couple years and love them. They never rip like another brand I tried and are very comfortable. Highly recommend.

By from U.S. on 16.03.2020 09:57

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Great value and comfortable.

These lenses are comfortable for all day wear and really great value. I really like service too, super efficient 😊

By from Kent, UK on 15.03.2020 21:52

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Excellent cheap contact lenses that last all day

A slight comparison on fit but the ideal cheap contact lenses that I can wear al day long.

By from London, UK on 15.03.2020 21:42

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Great contacts for the price. They are easy to use and comfortable in the eye and very rarely do they break or irritate my eyes.

I have used for over 5 years now and in that time I have never had an issue with delivery or products. The website is easy to use and payment is safe and secure. I couldn't recommend enough.

By from London, UK on 15.03.2020 18:26

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Comfortable wear all day long

The lenses are a good fit and keep the eyes moist for the whole day, worth trying as an alternative to more expensive brands

By from Addlestone on 15.03.2020 15:49

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Good to use every day

I use these every day and my eyes never feel dry or bothered with them. They're definitely my favorite brand of the millions I've tried.

By from Belfast, UK on 15.03.2020 14:42

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Great service and product

I always order my daily contact lenses from this site and am continually impressed by the level of service and quality of the product

By from London, UK on 15.03.2020 13:30

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Good value and comfortable

Good price and quality, do not dry out and feel comfortable when in. Fairly soft but not difficult to put in.

By from Birmingham on 15.03.2020 09:07

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I really like this page, best costumer service!

By from Essex on 15.03.2020 08:47

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Comfortable lenses

These lenses are very comfortable for daily wear for extended periods.

By from Wiltshire UK on 14.03.2020 10:14

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Trusted seller

Been using this company for years, reorder my lenses at a great price and help make sure I don't run out.

By from Manchester on 13.03.2020 20:53

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